Woodlands Academy

Woodlands Academy is an international, private boarding school located in County Wicklow. Wingfield House, where Woodlands is now situated is a restored Queen Anne-style mansion and was built during the 1800s.

The school had a very old lighting system in place with high energy bills and lamp life of just 4,000-10,000 hours as a result. The age of the lighting system meant fittings were regularly flickering and failing and this resulted in the maintenance teams constantly having to replace bulbs. These problems resulted in classes being regularly disturbed and high energy and maintenance costs.

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions (NLGES) upgraded the school’s entire lighting system to 630 modern, healthy LEDs. As part of a Lighting as a Service model, we invested the capital upfront to install and maintain the new LED fixtures which generated immediate energy savings for the client. The savings are shared between NLGES and the client for 5 years. After this period, Woodlands will own the lighting solution and enjoy all the savings.

Customer Benefits

  • The light levels are substantially enhanced, helping with improved concentration levels and boast morale and productivity of students.

  • Environmental benefits - LED doesn’t have any mercury and because it saves energy, it saves CO2 emissions in this case Annual CO2 savings are 35 tonnes per annum

  • The fittings have a lifespan greater than 10 times the old fittings and are covered under a 5-year warranty. The new LED lamps life span is 50,000 hours, that is up to 15 years

  • The new system helps Woodlands save 70% on their electricity cost from lighting. Annual Lighting Energy cost reduced from €16,589 to €5,349 with LEDs. There was also an annual maintenance saving of €1,686.

  • We secured grant funding from SEAI and energy credit support from SEE Airtricity to support the project

  • The solution will mitigate against increasing energy costs, typically 4-6% per annum

  • The project is a Lighting as a Service project, where we have a contract with Woodlands for 5 years which allows the school to avoid any upfront costs

We found Green Energy Solutions to be very professional in the way they handled this project for us. The company worked with us to ensure the least possible disruption to our staff and students and the whole project was carried out in as short a time as possible. I would have no hesitation in recommending Noel Lawlor Green Energy Solutions to anyone requiring an upgrade. We have made considerable savings and no upfront outlay was another bonus. The new lights have made a very welcome difference in all areas of our school.
— Denise Coleman, Facilities Manager, Woodlands Academy