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Green Energy Solutions were hired by Musgraves to carry out an assessment of the current building. The first and second floor had originally been built for separate purposes, however over time and as the second floor remained dormant, SuperValu began using the space as storage. The assessment would help Musgraves decide whether to return to the original plan of the split building or leave the second floor to SuperValu as a permanent stock room. 

Th report showed that the plant and machinery internally, although old were still in good condition but very outdated and not very efficient. The plant and machinery to the exterior of the building was 10+ years old and in very bad condition. This is mainly due to wear and tear which was mostly unpreventable. 

The ESB substation which would be used to power he whole building was situated on the first floor. It was considered that if the first floor was to be privately let like originally planned, there may be some confusion as regarding access to the substation for SuperValu. If the first floor was to be let out, the comms room containing CCTV, the public address system and the sub distribution board would require relocating. Although it would be possible to relocate all functions within the room, Green Energy Solutions advised against it due to the large associated cost and the distribution that would be caused to tills, CCTV and the intruder alarm system which may be putting SuperValu at unnesecary risk