Staff Awareness and Energy Education

To complement our range of energy initiatives we offer staff awareness programmes. Pictured you will see our own Shane Bradley helping a group of employees to change their energy habits. Behavioral change is the most important feature of many of our energy reductions programmes. These programmes can reduce your energy bills by up to 20% with minimal investment. They focus on making staff aware of energy usage and help them identify savings in the workplace.
We implement a simple 4 point plan required for an effective staff awareness programme.

  • Plan – Plan the energy awareness campaign
  • Do – Carry out the campaign
  • Check – Check to see the results
  • Act – Take actions based on the results to reduce energy further

This is a continuous cycle which will drive down energy usage within a business and save money. To make a staff awareness programme successful management need to fully embrace it’s potential. A small group or single member of staff is given the responsibility of implementing the program and reporting back the savings. Green Energy Solutions can guide you through the process and set up customized staff awareness programmes to suit your individual needs. 

Remember saving energy saves you money