Séan Kelly Sports Centre


After a fire destroyed much of the boiler and plant rooms, Green Energy Solutions were hired to complete renovation works in the building. Emergency Mechanical and Electrcial services were put in place to ensure the building was not out-of-service to the Carrick-On-Suir community for more than one week, however these emergency measures were only short term. Due to the centre’s communal impact on Carrick-On-Suir, Green Energy Solutions' engineers were more than happy to be involved in the renovation of the site. After an initial visit to the site to assess the damage. staff made recommendations based on Boilers, heat pumps and AHUs all needed replacing after some were destroyed or melted in the blaze. Vents needed to be cleaned as soot was blown from the plant room, through the vents and into the pool area. Filters in the pool then also required changing. Marcus and his team at the Séan Kelly Sports Centre completed their element of the works with minimal working hour interruptions. 

This building is a community favorite in Carrick-On-Suir, giving the public access to gyms and swimming facilities that might require significant travel to otherwise. Green Energy Solutions are delighted to be working at a Community, National and International level.