SI 426: 2014

Since December 2015, it has been an obligation for all enterprises with more than 250 employees or an annual turnover in excess of €50 million to carry out energy audits every four years. This was not a widely publicised requirement however, nonetheless a legal requirement through statutory instrument SI426:2014. We have over the past number of years worked with large organisations ensuring their SI426 compliance. For these organisations, what started as a compliance requirement developed into significant commercial opportunity to save energy and costs. We are also very experienced in promoting company corporate social responsibility programmes.



Arnotts had reduced their electrical consumption by 22% prior to undertaking this audit which proved their dedication to reducing their carbon footprint. However, Green Energy Solutions identified a number of opportunities which would reduce the building's overall consumption. The opportunities identified would reduce kWhs by 1.1 million and produce savings of €130,000+. 


Brown Thomas

Green Energy Solutions completed an energy audit of the Brown Thomas Group stores throughout Ireland as part of SI.426 compliance along with the development of a register of opportunities. This SI.426 audit identified energy saving opportunities which would result in annual energy cost savings of €1 million resulting in a payback of just under 3 years.

A sustainable development strategy was developed for the Group which encompassed energy and water conservation, waste disposal & recycling, and renewable energy technologies.



Easons Group together with GES are currently performing an SI.426 Energy Audit on many of the Eason buildings. This has the benefit of giving the organisation greater transparency into their energy usage. From this, we can develop a roadmap for the client that they can follow to increase overall sustainability and CSR impact. This SI.426 Energy Audit acts as a practical example of their commitment to their environmental obligations and carbon reductions.