Electric Vehicle Blogpost Series

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are getting a lot of attention lately due to their advancement and adaption rates.

Some topics covered:


Volvo recently announced it will only produce electric orientated vehicles from 2019

Have we yet reached ‘tipping point’ with over 2 million electric vehicles sold world-wide and 2.3 million EV chargers installed

Irish car park planning regulations are changing to accommodate this shift.

Renewable electricity production in Ireland and reducing our national annual energy import bill.

The new ‘National Clean Air Strategy’ and how this might affect businesses 

EVs are becoming more and more popular with the conscious driver and therefore there are changes we need to consider implementing to cope with this energy shift. Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions have been involved in the installation of electric vehicles charging stations in commercial car parks recently.

Recent installation at LIDL Group Car Park, Drogheda. 

Recent installation at LIDL Group Car Park, Drogheda. 

Over the coming weeks, Green Energy Solutions will be bringing you a three-part blog series detailing what we have learned about the industry from our involvement over the last number of years.

We’ll be covering the above topics from:

-  The driver’s point of view

-  Being a store owner

-  Our engineer’s insights

Keep an eye on our website to read the upcoming series.