Increase in 2030 Renewables Target to 35%

Members of the European Parliament have voted to increase renewable targets from 27% to 35%. 


It was decided that each state set national targets, from which they would only deviate 10% maximum under certain conditions. Each member state must make clear their integrated national energy and climate plan to the EU Commission and repeat this process every 10 years. The first plan to be put forward by member states should cover the nine-year period from 2021 to 2030 which would see many meet it's 35% targets. The Commission could then consider each member's success and put in place remedial measures and give recommendations as to how to proceed. 

The increase in targets from 27% to 35% means the creation of 136,000 additional jobs, and an additional €92 billion invested.

It also means big changes are coming in the world of energy in how it is sourced, generated, distributed, consumed, bought, sold, monitored and reported upon. Irelands initial climate-related obligations have seen a reduction in energy consumption and an increase in renewable energy generation despite a growth in population and increased energy demand. This 2030 target will bring around change and an increased awareness of energy consumption.

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