Masterplanning & Sustainable Development

Green Energy Solutions are committed to creating communities that will enhance quality of life. Through close collaboration with sister companies Pivotal International and Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers we focus on identifying opportunities in all areas of the projects development in architecture, mechanical and electrical and energy.

The success of a master plan is in creating a balance between the visionary ideas and practical delivery. Urban design relates to the arrangement, appearance and functionality of towns and cities, and in particular the shaping and uses of urban public space while benefiting the community. Green Energy Solutions focus on the planned areas impact on the local environment and community and therefore put in place technologies and systems that will reduce the developments overall site impact. We can help these sites develop their own energy and therefore allow the power coming from the grid to supply homes and smaller areas where renewable technology installations may not be as easy. 


Czosno Masterplan, Poland

The Master Plan is located approximately 20 km West of Warsaw City centre and is located alongside a major motorway connecting Warsaw to Gdansk. Our client’s vision is to convert 2.5 million square meters of agricultural land into a new vibrant suburb of Warsaw City.  The Master Plan is designed to cater for over 50,000 people and to address many concerns such as the quality of the environment, the efficiency of the infrastructure network, the growth of employment and housing affordability in Warsaw.  The development seeks to attract potential residents away from traffic-congested areas within City and to create desirable, affordable neighborhoods for residents to live, work and relax.  The Master Plan proposes a range of amenities and facilities located within easy reach such as parks, playground, cultural & community facilities, shops, and schools. Connections by public bus and light railway system to downtown Warsaw are also expected.  All of these items have been considered in the master plan to constitute a good neighborhood, which are the fundamental building blocks of a sustainable community.


Mind, Body and Soul Village, Saudi Arabia

The vision for Mind, Body & Soul Healthcare Village is to provide a unique Mixed Use Healthcare and Lifestyle destination for Jeddah which will fulfils people’s Education, Lifestyle, Treatment and Therapy needs all under one roof. At the Heart of the Village is a Boutique & Apart Hotel, which allows guests and patients direct access to the various clinics and medical day surgery below. The concept is to provide medical care in a more relaxed and familiar environment than that of a hospital. The introduction of other program elements such as Retail, Food, Café, and Hotel into the Village allows the general public to engage the medical profession in a familiar setting which aims to demystifying the medical profession, making it more accessible to the public and surrounding community.  The development will provide a low cost entry point for quality practitioners who can attain work-life balance whilst being well rewarded as both a clinical provider and a business owner. Patients accrue significant benefit via enhanced health service outcomes due to an increased focus on clinical practice and a ‘village mentality’ approach by every clinician for every patient. 


Waterford Airport Masterplan, Ireland

This Master Plan for Waterford’s Airport proposes the extension of the terminal building, runways and aprons along with the development of the surrounding sites under the control of the airport and local authority. The scheme provides facilities for the airport, its supporting services namely the Sea Air Rescue, and introducing a jet centre for private aviation that includes lounges and hangers. The development also includes a Hotel, commercial units, and office business park.