Lighting Installations

Not only are we involved at design stage but we can also install lights and fixtures for clients. Many of our engineers were electricians before moving their careers to Green Energy Solutions. With this level of expertise and real industry experience, Green Energy Solutions have come to complete a number of lighting installations and have a level of knowledge about the area that many of our competitors do not have. However, with this experience comes the responsibility of supplying a quality service to clients - something Green Energy Solutions engineers have been doing since 2009. Our engineers can carry out a full assessment of the suppliers lights fittings, LED chips and drivers including a warranty to ensure our clients are protected against poor quality lights. 


Glasson House Hotel and Golf Club, Co. Westmeath

As a part of SEAI's SME Lighting Upgrade Scheme, The Glasson House Hotel and Golf Course with the help of Green Energy Solutions received a substantial grant towards an LED Upgrade throughout their building. This grant dramatically reduced the payback period for the Glasson Hotel. 

Green Energy Solutions engineers made the application for the grant of behalf of the hotel and went on to carry out the LED replacements themselves. The replacements were carried out building wide and externally to the building - including the replacement of lights on the driving range. 


Ballymun Leisure Centre.jpg

Dublin City Council Sports and Fitness Centres

Following on from winning Ireland's first publicly tendered EPC, Green Energy Solutions have carried out lighting installations in the three Dublin City based Leisure Centres. Across three leisure centres, there was a large amount of changes to be taken into consideration. 

Lighting in changing rooms, bathrooms and hallways were replaced. As well as those in the actual pool and gym area. Our engineers wanted to take a hands on approach to this project due to their overall involvement and success of this project to date. So far, these three leisure centre buildings are surpassing original energy targets! 


Askeaton Leisure Centre, Co. Limerick

One of the first lighting installations our engineers completed was in Askeaton Leisure Centre, Co. Limerick. This centre is included under the Coral Leisure brand which is responsible for many of Ireland's biggest and best leisure centres. 

A number of lights in the building required upgrading including those at the reception area, gym area, pool area, plant area and changing rooms. All of these were upgraded to LED lights and therefore reduced the building's energy load and produce annual energy savings of over €3,ooo - most of which will come from the pool hall area. 



Brown Thomas, Dublin

Although there are over 8,500 lights in the iconic building on Grafton Street. GES engineers have done many of the LED installations themselves. As you can imagine, the building carries a large energy load with 8,500 lights installed. However, with this many lights came the possibility of great savings. Our engineers work with Brown Thomas on an on-going basis to ensure this building and others around the country are performing as best as possible and meeting targets. 


Bridewell Garda Station, Dublin

Based on Chancery Street, Dublin, this old building needed to upgrade many of the mechanical and electrical equipment in the building. Among those was the lights in the building which GES staff completed themselves. Staff working areas and meeting areas were of particular importance during this upgrade to ensure good working conditions for staff on long shifts. 


EPA H.Q, Wexford

Although there was a large number of works carried out on this building over a number of years, GES carried out the building's light installations. The large number of windows in the building meant that lighting was not required around the clock however during winter months, the lighting would still be required. A large number of lights were replaced in office and reception areas of this building.