Life Cycle Analysis of Plant Procurement

Mechanical and Electrical systems are frequently installed based on least expensive capital cost. Analysis of life cycle costs repeatedly demonstrates that initial capital costs represent only a small proportion of the total cost of the equipment. In many cases the annual running cost of the equipment is up to 10 times more than the capital cost. Life cycle analysis differs in its approach to procurement in that it takes the whole cost of ownership of the product including initial capital cost, running costs, maintenance and disposal costs into account when selecting a product. Running inefficient, incorrectly sized plant costs your business money and is eroding your profits.

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions analyse the life cycle cost of products we specify to ensure that costs are minimised to save our clients the maximum amount of money. We can advise on the replacement and upgrade of all mechanical and electrical systems to ensure that life cycle costs are minimised.


Eden Bleu Resort, Seychelles

Green Energy Solutions were hired by Eden Bleu Resort to carry out a life cycle analysis on the mechanical and electrical systems in the building. After a walk-through of the building, Green Energy Solutions staff could draw up a report based on the current state of mechanical and electrical systems as well as expected life expectancy. 

The report came in very useful to the building facility manager as he could no use this as a way of financial planning for the replacement of machinery and equipment. Green Energy Solutions were subsequently hired to help Eden Bleu Resort with their upgrade and Energy Efficiency works which turned out to be one of our most successful projects ever. 


Citywest Hotel, Dublin

Managing Director Daniel Ring was hired by Citywest Hotel, Co. Dublin to carry out a conditional Mechanical and Electrical Report for the building. After a walk-through and analysis of the installation paper work, Daniel and Green Energy Solutions staff could tell Building Manager of Citywest Hotel how long far into their life cycle this machinery and equipment was. 

Green Energy Solutions completed a report which detailed replacement dates and replacement recommendations based on the buildings energy load as well as the best environmental performance. 


Croke Park, Dublin

Our engineers were asked to advise in an upgrade to stand maintenance in the G.A.A's H.Q in Dublin. Due to the large numbers of event goers that occupy that stands, healthy and safety of the public was Croke Park staff's number one concern. Our Green Energy Solutions staff advised that the lift in the Cusack Stand be replaced. Air circuit breakers to be replaced. Energy Saving measures to be taken in the Hogan Stand and replace a large generator running constantly with a back up generator that is expected to last 20-30 years.