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LIDL have been innovative in their approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. In areas where the price of land is much higher (Eg. Dublin) Lidl have found ways of reducing the land they need to build new stores. In one case, they raised the store floor to stand on stilts, therefore leaving the ground space underneath free to use as a car parking facility. In another case, LIDL noticed demand for a store but there was little free space to allow building a new store. Upon deliberation, they decided to renovate an old Church. They fit out the inside of the building as they would with any store but left the outside as was with the exception of adding a Lidl sign above the door. 

However, Green Energy Solutions have worked closely with the LIDL Group on a number of renovations, refurbishments and new builds and have worked on 70+ Lidl stores to date. Recently Green Energy Solutions were hired to install a 100KWp solar PV array on a LIDL store in Gorey, Wicklow, Ireland. This 100 KWp solar installation is generating 90,000 kWh per annum. GES acted as the project supervisor for this project, tendering for prices, corresponding with contractors, commissioning and insuring an optimal level of service and end product for the LIDL Group. All Lidl stores in the future hope to take this approach to energy and operational efficiency and therefore operating as an energy friendly business. 

Lidl Terenure is a flagship development for Lidl Ireland, where the concept of maximizing the potential of smaller development sites in urban areas using under-croft car parking and first floor sales areas was trialed by Lidl. The Terenure 2,260m store replicates a model format sales floor including Bakery area and is accessed from the ground floor by a series of lift/stair cores and travellator lobby.  The store maximised daylight harvesting resulting in a bright and modern shop that appeals to the customer but is also very energy efficient to operate and kind to the environment. Green Energy Solutions were delighted to be involved in this project and many like it
In recent years we have seen Lidl develop many similar stores including throughout the lenght and breadth of Ireland.