We understand that providing a quality stay to your customers is your primary concern. Similarly, providing a quality service to our client's is our main concern. We want your customer's stay to be a comfortable one and therefore work closely with other businesses around Ireland to ensure that. The future of hotels will be very different to those of the past. Previously, hotels were all about the escape from everyday life - a trip away for relaxation and re-energizing purposes. Nowadays, a hotel is merely somewhere to rest your head to facilitate days of travelling and wondering. At a time where Air BnB and home sharing are at it's height, it's getting harder and harder for hotels to compete. 

Number four on the list of the top five influences on how people travel is 'The Conscious Guest'. People do not want to sacrifice their health or increase their carbon footprint for the sake of travelling. They want sustainability and better wellness options. Green Energy Solutions can help with lowering the building's overall energy consumption rate as well as making energy efficient changes to the fitness centres and swimming area of your building to give you cheaper running costs and provide a better overall experience. 


Newpark Hotel

The Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny is a 4 star hotel situated on over 40 acres of parkland. Green Energy Solutions staff were commissioned to carry out a full refurbishment of the Newpark Hotel including bars, restaurant, hotel lobby and main function room. 
Soon after, GES were commissioned again to carry out a refurbishment of the hotel’s leisure centre which now includes a state of the art fitness suite, heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and plunge pool. The new leisure facilities incorporate the ‘Escape’ Spa and outdoor vitality pool. The electrical and mechanical bills have been reduced by over €35,000 per year. These are very favourable savings with no capital investment.


Eden Bleu Resort

Through a detailed analysis of the building, Green Energy Solutions devised a roadmap for Eden Bleu detailing the 5 main pillars that would impact the resorts Corporate Social Responsibility Success: Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Waste Disposal & Recycling, Contribution to Local Community and Sustainable Energy Initiatives & Renewable Technologies. Since Green Energy Solution's intervention, Eden Bleu Resort have saved €50,000 per year on energy bills. 


Tullamore Court Hotel

A relationship blossomed with Tullamore Court Hotel in 2003 when sister company NLCE were hired to carry out upgrades works to a function room in the hotel. Green Energy Solutions later designed the CCTV and security layout for the external hotel. A number of years later, the whole hotel was refurbished, allowing for major changes to the M & E building services.

During these upgrade works, a CHP unit was installed allowing the client to realise cost savings on heat and electricity bills of over €60,000 per year. The payback came in under 3 years while the system itself could last 20 years or more. 


Bridge House Hotel

Following an energy audit of the Bridge House Hotel, it was found that the integration of a CHP was a viable renewable technology to implement. Their CHP offers huge savings and a payback of investment of 3 years.

The energy audit also made clear that the hotel had two remote boiler houses running on LPG and oil. This was adding huge amounts to the buildings energy bills and therefore was recommended that they were replaced with gas boilers to keep costs down. 


Citywest Hotel

Green Energy Solutions staff carried out a conditional Mechanical and Electrical Survey at the Citywest Hotel site in Dublin. This meant a walk through the building where the mechanics and electrics of the building could be inspected. From there, our engineers could draw conclusions as to when updating or replacements would be required. 
These surveys can help businesses forecast for the future in terms of finance, renovations, required closure times etc. saving lots of time and money long term. A full report was drawn up based on findings from the survey. Our engineers can also give recommendations and options as to the best way to process forward with upgrades if needed. 


Kelly's Hotel

Kelly's hotel prides itself on luxury bedrooms and it's relaxing spa and swimming area. To provide a better dining experience, Kelly's added an extension to the dining room for which GES staff completed M&E works. Over the following years, we completed an upgrade to the spa, but were called back a number of years later to implement a number of energy saving measures. Our engineers installed a voltage optimizer and a number of other renewable technologies to increase the spas energy performance and make sure the spa was performing to standard.