Exercise & Lesiure

We’re all so busy these days that we get little time to actually relax. Therefore we like to make that leisure time as enjoyable as we can by making it an experience - and a safe experience at that!  All of the facilities we work on undergo a strict health and safety check. Fire detection systems, exit routes, emergency lighting among others things are all investigated intently and upgraded where needed. 
In order to create a relaxing atmosphere, we pay particular attention to lighting and ambiance in the building. A swimming and gym area is kept bright and well ventilated to provide you with the best gym going experience. 
A childs play area used colour to stimulate their minds and ceiling hung lighting to avoid little hands touching what they shouldn’t.
The cinematic experience is one that people take very seriously. Therefore wall mounted dimmed lighting creates creates a relaxing vibe for cinema-goers to sit back and enjoy their movie. A cosy, well hated room is a must for film watching and we avoid putting that green emergency exit sign right below the screen - it’s distracting!


Claremorris Swimming Pool

GES have carried out a number of energy efficiency projects in Claremorris Leisure Centres. Most recently, our engineers recommended the installation of a Solar PV array on the roof of the building which would generate some of the building's electricity and therefore reduce billing costs. Although there was a higher initial investment required, long terms savings will be achieved. Claremorris received an energy grant for these works which reduced the overall payback period and reduced the initial investment. 

We also devised a CHP report for the building. This was after a thorough feasibility study concluded that the installation should be recommended to the facilities manager as savings were to be made after initial investment. Shortly after, Green Energy Solutions applied for a grant on behalf of Claremorris Leisure Centre to LASPP (Local Authority Swimming Pool Programme) which would eventually help Claremorris with the installation of this CHP unit and Solar PV Array.  


The Watershed

GES undertook an initial no obligation energy survey of this €12 million facility in Kilkenny. From this an energy saving of €75,000 per year was realised following an energy audit and register of opportunities. Many of the opportunities were relatively low cost to implement but resulted in large energy and cost savings. Following the buildings construction, many of the systems were not calibrated properly, resulting in large night-time loads. An opportunity for CHP, heat recovery, LED upgrades and reduced flow rates were also identified.  Many of these opportunities have now been seen through by GES staff and are now generating savings for The Watershed.


Croke Park

The GAA H.Q in Dublin underwent an Engineering Report in order to check the quality of mechanical and electrical systems in place. Due to the life expectancy of some systems, recommendations were made to ensure the health and welfare of the public. 
Some recommendations to Management at Croke Park were to replace passenger lifts in Cusack Stand for Health & Safety reasons. Implement Energy Saving measures to lifts in Hogan Stand. Replace large generator with a standby generator which is expected to last between 20 and 30 more years. Ensure all lighting and all future installed lighting are linked to BMS in order to monitor energy load and allow for future changes. 


Séan Kelly Sports Centre

After a fire destroyed much of the boiler and plant rooms, we were hired to complete renovation works in the building. Boilers, heat pumps and AHUs all needed replacing. Vents needed to be cleaned as soot was blown from the damaged area through the vents and into swimming pool. Filters in the pool then also required changing.

This building is a community favorite in Carrick-On-Suir, giving the public access to gyms and swimming facilities that might require significant travel otherwise. 


Dublin City Council Leisure Centres

Winning Ireland's first publicly tendered EPC gave Green Energy Solutions control of three of Dublin's largest Leisure Centres. Through the installation of renewable technologies, these changes are expected to save Dublin City Council €1.3 million (or €165,000 per year) over the course of the 8 year contract. 

The installation of the Building Management System allows our engineers to check the building's vital energy signs from the office. This data, as viewed through the online portal, can allow our engineers to estimate energy bills, check the building's energy load, timing for lighting, heating, air-conditioning and other automated services. All internal lights have been replaced with LEDs and external lighting is expected to follow.