EPC Success


Green Energy Solutions are delighted to have won Ireland's first publicly tendered Energy Performance Contact in conjunction with Dublin’s Energy Agency Codema and Dublin City Council. 

The eight year EPC will see Green Energy Solutions carry out energy upgrades across three of Dublin's busiest Sports and Leisure Centres. Upgrades made to lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning and many other aspects of the buildings will be monitored through the installation of a Building Management System. This system allows Green Energy Solutions staff to manage the building's controls from the office. 

Original predictions stated that Green Energy Solutions would save Dublin City Council (DCC) €165,000 in annual energy savings, which at the end of the eight year contract would have saved DCC a whopping €1.3 million on energy bills alone. This would take a massive 30% off of the Sports and Leisure Centres energy bills.  

Year 1 Update:

At the end of year one the new technologies are performing much better than originally anticipated. Year 1's calculations show an overall saving of 38% with many more upgrades still to be completed at the three leisure centre sites. The 38% savings have resulted in 1,626,761 kWhs and €172,000 saved across all three sites. As we continue upgrade works, we expect these savings to continually rise until all equipment is upgraded and energy saving technologies are implemented.

Year 2 update:

At the end of year 2, the energy reduction model is achieving 42% energy savings and is on target to save €1.5 million on energy and maintenance over the 8-year contract.

In 2019, Green Energy Solutions won a second Energy Performance Contract with Dublin City Council. The energy contract involves the upgrade to the efficiency of 7 of its sports facilities and will see a saving of €1 million over the term of the 8-year contract. As teh Energy Service Company (ESCo), working with Codema, Dublin’s Energy Agency, we have calculated that the project will achieve energy savings of approximately 35% and will offset carbon emissions by 321 tonnes each year. The contract also includes full maintenance of all equipment associated with the upgrades.