Energy Performance Contracts

Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) are mutually beneficial agreements between Green Energy Solutions and the client whereby GES make a number of energy upgrades to the buildings mechanics and electrics and split the energy savings between the two for a set period. After this contract time, any energy savings made belong completely to the client. 

Based on the simple business case of energy savings funding capital investment this model delivers energy and maintenance efficiencies, it offers a performance guarantee and sharing of savings achieved. It also allows building owners and operators to concentrate on running their businesses knowing that a performance-based contract is optimising their energy and maintenance expenditure.

The EPC model is very successful and is well-established in countries such as Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. We would encourage public and private sector alike to embrace this model, its proven achievements can be seen in the examples below.

Green Energy Solutions were honoured in Berlin at the European Energy Awards 2017 for our positive work in relation to energy efficiency and sustainability and our work with Dublin City Council (DCC) and Codema Energy Agency in developing an Energy Performance Contract at three DCC leisure facilities, Finglas, Markievicz and Ballymun. 


3 x Dublin City Council Leisure Centres

In 2016 Green Energy Solutions entered into an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) with Dublin City Council across three leisure centre sites where by DCC would share the benefits of reduced heating and electricity bills, with the investment in new plant and maintenance by Green Energy Solutions.  This was achieved with a mix of measures, including installing of new CHP plant, boilers, pumps, heat recovery AC systems, lighting upgrades, Building Management Systems, AHU Modifications,  retro-commissioning  and pool plant upgrades across the three facilities at Finglas, Markievicz and Ballymun in Dublin.

This project is still ongoing, however, it was originally anticipated that it would result in 30% annual energy savings for each leisure centre, resulting in combined energy cost savings of €170,000 annually and maintenance savings of over €70,000 annually. However, in just 2 years the annual savings are higher than anticipated at 42%.


The Watershed Kilkenny 2012

Following an initial energy survey, The Watershed’s energy consumption was in the region of €350,000. The facility as a public building which meant it has a carbon reduction target of 33% by 2020. GES performed a more detailed site audit, implemented monitoring and developed a detailed opportunities list for energy savings. This list was developed into an Energy Performance Contract as GES acting as the ESCo. Annual energy savings in the region of €75,000 were eventually achieved.

Areas targeted were the training pitches flood lighting, greater controls on indoor lighting, PIR controls in back areas, heat recovery on AHUs, pump upgrades to more efficient IE rating and inverters installed, reduced flow rates, reduced base load following night time analysis. Maintenance savings were also made with switching of suppliers and seeking outside expertise. Micro CHP unit was installed and a bore hole utilised for water supply.     


7 x Dublin City Council Sports and Fitness Centres


The Watershed Kilkenny 2019

In 2019 Green Energy Solutions won a second Energy Performance Contract (EPC) with Dublin City Council. The energy contract involves the upgrade to the efficiency of 7 of its sports facilities and will see a saving of €1 million over the term of the contract. As the Energy Service Company (ESCo), working with Codema, Dublin’s Energy Agency, we have calculated that the project will achieve energy savings of approximately 35% and will offset carbon emissions by 321 tonnes each year. We guarantee energy savings over an agreed period of 8 years. The contract also includes full maintenance of all equipment associated with the upgrades.

The energy upgrades will be completed by the end of 2019 and will include Building Management System (BMS) optimisation, new LED lighting, new combined heat and power systems to efficiently heat the swimming pool in Ballyfermot, improved building control systems for effective management of all equipment and renewable energy measures through the installation of solar photovoltaic panels.

NLGES will work with Codema to carry out regular Measurement and Verification (M&V) of savings in each of the buildings -Ballyfermot Sports & Fitness Centre, St Catherine’s Community Sports Centre, Ballybough Youth & Community Centre, Cabra Parkside, Poppintree Community Sports Centre, Irishtown Sports & Fitness Centre and Bluebell Recreation Centre.

The Watershed entered its second Energy Reduction Programme with GES in 2019 and are set to save over 20% on its electrical energy consumption and further significant reductions in maintenance costs per year.

The energy upgrade works which were carried out by GES consisted of LED lighting upgrade, pump replacement and BMS and plant optimisation. As a result of the energy upgrade works cost savings are expected to be in the region of €33,000 per annum.