Energy Reduction Programmes


Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions offers the following range of energy reduction services. These programmes can be implemented simultaneously or alternatively individually on a phased basis. We offer carbon and energy programmes at no cost to customers as our payment comes from initial savings from programmes thereby removing any financial barriers to entry. We remove the financial barriers for customers in availaing of these programmes by offering these programmes at "no cost". Our costs are recouped from the early stages of savings in the programme - no savings / no fee. Our team of engineers and energy auditors have over 30 years experience in delivering energy savings to clients.


Dunnes Stores, Nationwide

Green Energy Solutions have helped Dunnes Stores realise over €1 million in energy savings since 2010 across multiple sites. Green Energy Solutions relationship with Dunnes spans over three decades now and back to the traditional end of the business, Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers. Having carried out a number of works for Dunnes, Green Energy Solutions have helped them in their attempts to become a green and sustainable business.

Managing Director, Daniel Ring has worked closely with Dunnes Stores in the development of Energy Reduction Strategies in multiple stores across the country. 


Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford

Green Energy Solutions were responsible for the installation of the first 350 kW mischanthus boiler (Biomass) in Ireland. The system is connected to a District Heating System which provides Teagasc labs, EPA and Johnstown Castle with heating. Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers (NLCE) were the lead consulting engineers on this project. Managing the tender process, health ad safety, design, construction, supply and associated engineering challenges. The project was a big win for Green Energy Solutions and for NLCE. The cost of the project was in the region of half a million euros. 

Since these works were carried out in 2014, there has been annual savings of €35,000. 


Pfizer, Newbridge

Following an assessment of the organisation and a high level energy study, Jason of Green Energy Solutions helped Pfizer to develop and define a 5 year carbon roadmap and renewable energy study. The value of the commission at completion was €27,000 and partly funded by SEAI (€14,000). This roadmap included a site specific Energy Strategy for the Pfizer, Kildare Facility. 

Since these changes were made in 2010, Green Energy Solutions have calculated savings of €400,000 per year for the Pfizer facility in Kildare. 

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Dublin City Leisure Centres

Winning Ireland's first publicly tendered EPC gave Green Energy Solutions control of three of Dublin's largest Leisure Centres. Through the installation of renewable technologies, these changes are expected to save Dublin City Council €1.3 million over the course of the 8 year contract. 

The installation of a Building Management System will allow our engineers to check the building's vital energy signs from the office. This data, as viewed through the online portal, can allow our engineers to estimate energy bills, check the building's energy load, timing for lighting, heating, air-conditioning and other automated services

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Lidl Group

The LIDL Group have been working alongside GES to install a 100KWp solar PV array on a LIDL store in Gorey, Wicklow, Ireland. This 100 KWp solar installation is generating 90,000 kWh/annum. GES acted as the project supervisor for this project, tendering for prices, corresponding with contractors, commissioning and insuring an optimal level of service and end product for the LIDL Group.

Green Energy Solutions are continuing to put in place energy reduction programmes on an on-going basis for the Lidl Group.

Claremorris Pool Panorama1.JPG

Claremorris Sports and Leisure Centre

Green Energy Solutions have carried out a large number of energy efficient projects in Claremorris Leisure Centres. Most recently, our engineers recommended the installation of a Solar PV array on the roof of the building which would generate some of the building electricity and therefore reduce billing costs. Although there was a higher initial investment required, long terms savings will be achieved. Claremorris received an energy grant for these works, taking €x from the PV installation, which reduced the overall payback period and reduced the initial investment. 

Green Energy Solutions also devised a CHP report for the building. This was after a thorough feasibility study concluded that the installtion should be recommended the facilities manager as savings were to be made after initial investment. Shortly after, Green Energy Solutions applied for a grant on behalf of Claremorris Leisure Centre to LASPP (Local Authority Swimming Pool Programme) which would eventually help Claremorriss with the installation of this CHP unit and Solar PV Array.