The education sector has grown to be one of Green Energy Solutions biggest sectors. Together with sister company Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers, have completed at handed over 9 schools in the last 12 months. We can offer schools many low and no cost solutions for saving money. With limited budgets schools are vulnerable to high running costs. These costs need to be kept under close control to ensure limited resources are directed correctly. We have worked with a number of schools to reduce and monitor their energy bills. 

In existing schools we have extensive experience in proving energy savings through both the Summer Works and Emergency Works schemes. Some of the energy savings measures included reduced hot water consumption, daylight controls, heating system improvements, boiler replacement and fabric upgrades. In some schools we have provided a metering and targeting solution to monitor their energy usage and identify any wastage in the school. This will reduce their running costs significantly.


Ardgillan Secondary School

Ardgillan Secondary School was built in 2009 to accomodate only 300 students. Due to a rapid increase in demand, Green Energy Solutions staff were hired in 2015 to provide M & E services for a substantial extension to the school which would accommodate 1000 students on completion. Provided were detailed Mechanical and Electrical services which were linked to the existing building. We also provided M & E services to additional surrounding community buildings. Externally,  an all weather sports pitch and staff car park required a pole mounted lighting.


Bunscoil McAuley Rice

The project consisted of a new 2 storey 16 classroom primary school building constructed on the site of an existing primary school, including library and resource rooms, general purpose room with stage area and multipurpose spaces, ancillary accommodation, new car parking spaces, external ball courts and storage store.
The works were carried out in two phases, Phase 1 consisting of the construction of the new 16 classroom school adjacent to the existing occupied school. Phase 2 consisted of the demolition of the original school building and construction of new car parking spaces and ancillary areas.



Presentation School, Miltown

This school in Co. Kerry was a part of the NDFA Schools Bundle 3 consisting of six schools. This was a large scale successful project for staff at Green Energy Solutions. Working closely with contractors on site, the building was built and populated in a matter of months. 

The large amount of windows in this school made ventilation and air-conditioning designs important. Due to the large amount of natural light entering the school, only small amounts of artificial lighting will be needed daily with the exception of winter months. This should energy bills down. 


CBS Midleton

This Cork Secondary School is a part of the NDFA School Bundle 3. Green Energy Solutions staff developed an IES Virtual Environment (IES VE) Flucs DL Simulation Model to measure lighting values in the school. It was made clear that areas of study required higher levels of light compared to more common, general areas such as corridors etc. The number of windows and level of artificial lighting in these areas were increased. Other Mechanical and Electrical services were completed in this project including the installation of a school wide ventilation system and fire safety systems.


Le Cheile Gaelscoil

This primary school building was been given a modern look through its exterior design. The red cladding exterior to the school contrasts the blue floors and furniture inside, brightening up the dark grey building. Large amounts of emergency lighting and signage was designed and installed within the building and attached gym. Wall mounted lighting illuminates the outside play area in early mornings and dark evenings while pole mounted lighting brightens the car park and basketball court areas to the side of the school.


Dublin Institute of Technology

Green Energy Solutions staff have carried out a number of works in numerous D.I.T campus buildings around Dublin city. Firstly, we provided M & E upgrades to the Linen Hall second floor architectural studios and third floor offices. In both Bolton Street campus and Kevin Street campus, fire upgrade works were carried out. These fire upgrades works required a full health and safety audit of the buildings and reports to be drawn up. The new and upgraded fire system measures were then designed and implemented on the campus. 


Cork Institute of Technology

Green Energy Solutions carried out a sustainability analysis into the environmental efficiency of the sports arena site. The intent of the analysis was to design and implement a low energy design through passive and active measures to minimize the overall running costs of the facility and ensure long term commercial viability. 
Natural Ventilation was utilized indoors in order to omit the large costs of air conditioning. Using IES, natural daylight was utilized therefore saving on big lighting bills. A rain water harvesting system too was implemented allowing water landing on the roof to feed down into water tanks which would subsequently feed toilets.