Eden Bleu


Green Energy Solutions carried out an assessment of the hotels Energy usage, drawing up a detailed report to lead the hotel towards an environmentally friendly business strategy. The hotel was using high levels of energy, especially in the spa and pool areas. The assessment included an examination of the hotels carbon footprint and energy usage patterns through the recording of the buildings energy load via data loggers. This would allow Green Energy Solutions' engineers to find trends and commonalities among the buildings energy usage on an hourly and daily basis. From here, staff made recommendations based on replacement equipment, more efficient technologies and devised Eden Bleu specific strategies and targets. The report that followed explained these strategy which the hotel could follow to combat the issue of high energy loads and some measures that could be implemented which may require higher initial investment but savings in the long run to reduce energy bills. 

The Carbon Roadmap which was devised by Green Energy Solutions staff should act as a guiding path. On the roadmap, there are a number of key milestones that the resort should meet. Laid out exactly how it says, on a roadmap.  This project turned out to be a huge success for both Green Energy Solutions and Eden Bleu Resort. The resort have now saved €300,000 in energy bills since 2015 and are on course to meet all of their long term energy targets. 

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions carried out an energy and sustainability audit in our Hotel. We were very pleased with the outcome of their assessment as it presented both a detailed energy reduction roadmap or the Hotel and also a clear strategy for the Hotel to develop sustainability credentials. Their technical proposals were well developed allowing an immediate start by the Hotel to saving money. The advice in relation to our sustainability strategy was clearly communicated and practical and has allowed us to start planning a sustainability programmes within the hotel which will help reduce our environmental impact and also produce very positive environmental messaging for our customers. We would highly recommend Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions to others who want to save money or develop their sustainability credentials.
— Trevor Smyth, Maintenance Manager, Eden Bleu Resort, Seychelles