Dublin City Council 

Dublin City Council awarded its first Energy Performance Contract (EPC) project to Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions (NLGES) in July 2016, working closely with Dublin’s Energy Agency Codema in procuring this contract to upgrade three of its Sports and Fitness Facilities. This contract is for 8 years and includes full maintenance of all equipment associated with the upgrades by NLGES.

The energy upgrades at the three sports and fitness facilities were completed by the end of 2016 and included Building Management System (BMS) optimisation, CHP overhaul and power modulation controls, new 110 kWh CHP and power modulation controls, upgrade of lighting to LED and lighting controls, new cooling strategy for Air Handling Units, boiler plant replacement with high modulation boiler, and new controls for pool pumps

We have worked with Codema to carry our regular Measurement and Verification (M&V) of the buildings. The latest M&V figures show that in its first and second years, the EPC project has saved Dublin City Council €318,281 on its costs, and has achieved average energy savings of 38%.

In 2019 NLGES secured a 2nd EPC contract with DCC for 7 more of their sports and fitness centres. It is estimated that the project will realise DCC €1m in energy cost savings over the 8-year contract term.

Dublin City Council awarded Ireland’s first local authority Energy Performance Contract (EPC) project to NLGES. In conjunction with NLGES we will be working closely with the Dublin Energy Agency, CoDema. The project will save the council up to €100,000 on its energy and maintenance costs per year across three Dublin City Council Sports & Fitness Facilities.
— Cormac Healy, Energy Steering Group, Dublin City Council
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