Corporate Social Responsibility & Carbon Roadmaps

Helping businesses clean up their act one stop at a time. Green Energy Solutions can develop your sustainability strategy to improve your company Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. This will help in defining goals that align with the company's ethos. To refine the overall strategy further we can develop the GHG emissions associated with the companies activities and begin the carbon mapping process. The resulting project identifies a clear road map for reducing carbon emissions and improving the sustainability of the company. Green Energy Solutions have helped countless business with their CSR initiatives and have even devised Carbon Roadmaps for these businesses to follow in order to achieve their goals. 

So far, Green Energy Solutions have devised Carbon Roadmaps for big name clients such as Croke Park and Brown Thomas. For many of our clients it is important to translate the energy opportunities into a planned roadmap with internal capital budgets or external finance set aside and to provide certainty in delivering energy and environmental milestones within business. 

Green Energy Solutions are currently helping clients meet these business and environmental milestones through our engineer's use of LEED and BREEAM softwares. 


Eden Bleu Resort, Seychelles

Through a detailed analysis of the building, it was understood that a capital investment of €685,000 would return annual energy savings of €350,000+. Green Energy Solutions devised a roadmap for Eden Bleu detailing the 5 main pillars that would impact the resorts Corporate Social Responsibility Success: Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Waste Disposal & Recycling, Contribution to Local Community and Sustainable Energy Initiatives & Renewable Technologies. Since Green Energy Solution's intervention, Eden Bleu Resort have saved €50,000 per year on energy bills. 


Brown Thomas, Nationwide

After carrying out tradition MEP works in the building, Green Energy Solutions seen a huge opportunity to be more socially responsible. GES worked closely with B.Ts Sustainability Manager in analyzing the building's energy load and energy bills as well as looking at the companies Environmental targets. From there, Green Energy Solutions could devise an energy reduction strategy that B.T could follow while the internal mechanics and electrics of the building were analyzed and replaced with renewables. Brown Thomas now follow a Carbon Roadmap devised by Green Energy Solutions which should lead them to energy savings of €1 million by 2021.  


Abbey Creative Quarter, Kilkenny

The importance of early planning and design for the brownfield site redevelopment in Kilkenny centre are crucial to the developments longevity and sustainability. GES in collaboration with the local authority and energy agency, developed the energy strategy for the 20.4 acre site. Following idenifying and laying out energy efficiency guideline criteria of Near Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs), GES designed a preliminary layout for an energy centre and corresponding district heating network for the site. A carbon roadmap was developed which would eventually turn this brownfield site to a green site.      


Pfizer, Newbridge

Following an assessment of the organisation and a high level energy study, Jason helped Pfizer to develop and define a 5 year carbon roadmap and renewable energy study for Pfizer. The value of the commission at completion was €27,000 and which was partly funded by SEAI (€14,000) through a received grant. This roadmap included a site specific Energy Strategy for the Pfizer, Kildare Facility which would lead to energy reduction, energy bills savings, and a greater chance of reaching CSR goals set out by the company. 


SuprValu, Nationwide

Works were first carried out in SuperValu stores at a MEP capacity. These original works were carried out in Tramore, Co. Waterford. Since 2014, Green Energy Solutions have been involved in energy upgrades in SuperValu stores nationwide. 

SuperValu already had a positive reputation of giving back to the community and now as they take steps to be more environmentally aware, they are reducing their overall negative impact on the community and reinforcing the positive. SuperValu are doing Corporate Social Responsibility correctly.