About Us


Green Energy Solutions was formed to provide an integrated approach to reducing clients energy consumption, carbon footprint and increasing sustainability. We offer consultancy and contracting services to clients’ in a wide range of industries looking to reduce energy costs, carbon emissions and develop energy strategies. We deliver this through a range of technical and practical services which have proven successful with our clients and showed many great benefits.

Our projects to date have achieved energy reductions ranging from 20% to 50%. In the past five years we have helped business owners save €10.2 million in energy costs and developed sustainable, energy efficient buildings. We have learned through experience how to adopt a holistic approach to potential reduction of energy, water and operational costs which in turn reduce the running costs of your building and create a 'Green' reputation for your business. 

We realize that no two sites are the same and our experienced staff will assess the best energy reduction scheme for your business and tailor a package to suit your exact needs. We also understand that not every business has the income to facilitate these projects. Green Energy Solutions can offer finance solutions for clients on energy projects which would allow projects to be completed that might not otherwise be possible. 


Unlike many 'new entrants' to this sector we have almost 40 years experience designing, commissioning and monitoring the electrical and mechanical systems that are responsible for energy consumption within buildings. This in depth understanding of building systems means that we are uniquely positioned to reduce energy consumption. We offer a range of energy services including energy contracting, energy audits, energy rating services, renewable technology integration, carbon reduction programmes, bill analysis and energy procurement. 

We are continually evaluating new technologies and system controls to maximise the energy reduction impact we can deliver to clients. We believe our experience and success to date will enhance your businesses performance through reduced energy and carbon costs.


Our Beginnings


Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers (NLCE) is a company which is firmly established in the Irish Building Services Industry. NLCE have a history dating back 40 years. A growing interest in energy management and renewable energy across a variety of sectors helped NLCE identify a gap in the services provided to the market which there was a growing demand for.  Green Energy Solutions was then developed to meet this demand. The background and experience of design and practical engineering from a history in M&E Engineering allowed Green Energy Solutions to grow rapidly and deliver tangible results for its customers. Our business is reducing your energy costs while increasing your sustainability and comfort. This is achieved through our engineering & design background and extensive knowledge of the energy market.